Front-End Web Developer – Remote, Paid, Six-Month Fellowship

Are you ready to strengthen your skills in HTML & CSS, marketing automation, web property management, and UX skills? Then you’ll want to apply for our remote, six-month paid fellowship with the Center Centre team.

What your fellowship will be like.

Your six-month fellowship will have two three-month phases. You’ll handle our weekly email production and customer support system needs in the first three months. In the second, you’ll implement new marketing capabilities through our website properties.

Phase One: Learn Email Production

During the first three months of your fellowship, you’ll execute the production of our email campaigns.

Let’s look at a typical week of the first half of your fellowship:

1. You’ll create, manage and ship our daily emails. You’ll follow our editorial calendar in Notion to execute much of our daily production work. You’ll use email templates and delivery services through Stripo and MailChimp to build, test, and schedule our daily emails to target groups.

2. Then you’ll start working on managing marketing automations and workflows. You’ll learn the tools we use for automation, such as Zapier, to support our Customer Relationship Management software. In addition, you’ll create workflows that integrate with Mighty Networks, Slack, Stripe, and other marketing and sales applications.

3. Next, you’ll start to learn what it takes to manage our web properties. You’ll continue training and learning our processes and workflows. Once the bulk of your activity is complete, we’ll identify tasks for you to complete that will have you interacting with our web properties and their related components.

4. We’ll consider and value your input from day one. You’ll work closely with the team and co-CEOs to push good design. While you’re learning, you’ll also be contributing to the process.

Phase Two: Implementing New Marketing Capabilities

During the last three months of your fellowship, you’ll improve your leadership and management skills by training an incoming fellow and working on a dedicated project you can show to future employers.

You’ll gain new responsibilities:

1. You’ll help us hire new fellows. You’ll participate in the same hiring process you went through, but now on our side. You’ll use the experience you gained during your fellowship to help us identify a candidate who will do as great a job as you’ve done. Being on this side of the hiring process will allow you to understand better what an interviewer will be looking for and how to set yourself apart in future interviews.

2. You’ll learn new things by managing your own dedicated web project. Once the incoming fellow is trained, you’ll work on a project that allows you to learn new developer skills. You’ll leave the fellowship with solid experience, having completed a web-based project from concept to delivery. (We’ll pick a project based on your career interests.)

Your fellowship work will be essential to our mission.

We have a 100-year mission at Center Centre: to rid the world of everything that’s poorly designed. Every day, we work with user experience professionals in every industry, helping them deliver well-designed products and services. Your work will become an essential part of our mission when you join our team.

We’re a learning organization, and this fellowship is no different. During your six months with us, you’ll learn how to execute email campaigns, you’ll manage large lists in an email service provider, you’ll improve your system admin skills, learn new front (and potentially back) end technologies, and you’ll learn all aspects of online communication production.

You’ll also learn how small organizations hire new team members. You’ll get first-hand experience training new employees. And you’ll take a project from concept through delivery to show you’re ready to deliver great work.

With your web development help, our organization delivers on our mission. Therefore, your work is crucial for us to expand our network of UX professionals, potential students, and supporters.

How the interview process works

After you send in your application, we’ll give it a solid review. If you’re someone that could fit what we’re seeking, we’ll schedule an initial interview with you. Later, you’ll meet our team, and we’ll learn more about your past web accomplishments and comparable experience.

We’re an easy-going group, and the interview process is low-pressure. We promise to keep you in the loop during the entire process (no ghosting!). Instead, you’ll get emails from real people, not hiring bots. When you have questions, you’ll get a quick answer.

We see our hiring process as a partnership with everyone who applies. We’re in this together.

What we want to see

During the interviews, we’re looking specifically for these things:

  • How you have hand-coded HTML & CSS and can show us a personal portfolio (public GitHub repositories are also acceptable).
  • How you have understood the importance of web workflow pieces, such as a CMS (like WordPress) and version control (like GitHub).
  • How you have worked through the challenge of learning new things.
  • How you have worked on highly-detailed project work.
  • How you have built up your daily and weekly routines to ensure you complete important, regular tasks in a timely fashion.
  • How you have worked independently on projects.
  • How you have collaborated through online teamwork.
  • How you have adapted to changing work priorities and direction in a fast-paced setting.
  • How you deal with, learn from, and solve a problem.

We want to hear everything you have to tell us on these topics. The more you can say to us, the more you’ll be considered for this position. Don’t hold back.

You might want to check out a few of our recent web sites —,,, our Intensive workshop websites and — for some insight into our work. We think you’ll be excited by where we are today and the challenge to get us where we’re going.

This is a full-time position for 26 weeks.

This position is entirely remote. Since the pandemic started, we’ve all been working from our homes. We work within the hours of 8:30am to 5pm Eastern U.S. Time, Monday through Friday. Our new fellow will need to work during these hours too, no matter where they are based.

We hire fellows throughout the year. Each fellowship is for a full 26 weeks. You’ll get all U.S. holidays and five days of paid time off during your fellowship.

The position pays $17.50/hour for up to 40 hours each week. This position is temporary and is not eligible for full-time benefits, such as health insurance.

We will work with you to provide you with all the equipment you need to do your job, including technical, software, and hardware needs.

You need to have U.S. permanent residency, be a U.S. citizen, or have a U.S. Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

We need someone just like you

We mean it when we say Center Centre is an equal opportunity employer.

We constantly strive to build a team that reflects the people we serve and a workplace that nurtures and empowers unique identities and experiences. We are committed to advancing equity in a tech industry that has often fallen short.

We strongly encourage applications from BIPOC (Black; Indigenous; People of Color), women, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented individuals in the tech industry, across color, religion, race, ethnic and national origin, physical ability, economic background, gender, and sexual identity. Do you think of yourself as any of these? We want to meet you.

Think this fellowship is right for you and your career goals?

Fill out the application below. Include a PDF of your résumé. We will be in touch soon!

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