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Marketing and Communications –
Remote, Paid, 6-month Internship

Are you ready to strengthen your skills in social media marketing, email marketing, and online communications? Then you’ll want to apply for our remote, six-month paid internship with the Center Centre – UIE team.

What your internship will be like

Your six-month internship will have two phases.

Phase One: Learn Production Marketing

In the first three months, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of our weekly marketing process. You’ll be an integral part of our marketing efforts, helping our audience become aware of our latest offerings and newest services.

Let’s look at a typical week of the first half of your internship:

  1. You’ll start the week managing our social media editorial calendar
    You’ll follow the calendar and manage dozens of our social media posts from several accounts. We schedule our posts days in advance and target an international audience across different time zones and platforms. You’ll compose persuasive copy about our articles and resources, then post it for our online community to read.

  2. Next, you’ll work on the publications and newsletters we’ll publish that week
    You’ll collaborate with our marketing team to review and edit each email and publication we send out. Each day you’ll review a draft email or an article for grammar, formatting, properly-linked content, punctuation, and typos. It’s not a long process, but it takes a patient, detailed-oriented person.

  3. You’ll work on the team that’s rolling out new products and services
    We’re starting a new online learning venture. You’ll be an integral player in the rollout and support of these new products and services.

Phase Two: Implementing New Marketing Capabilities

In the final three-months, you’ll improve your leadership and management skills by hiring and training an incoming intern. Once the new intern is up to speed, you’ll embark on a special project that will expand our marketing and communications capabilities.

You’ll gain new responsibilities:

  1. You’ll help us hire new interns
    You’ll participate in the same hiring process you went through, but now on our side. You’ll use the experience you gained during your internship to help us identify a candidate who will do as great a job as you’ve done.
  2. You’ll train a new intern to take over the daily production work
    You’ll document the processes and procedures for our production marketing and communications tasks. You’ll use that documentation to train the next intern to take over that work from you. You’ll oversee their work, to ensure they learn the right way to produce and deliver the work.
  3. You’ll complete a special project matched to your career goals
    You’ll spend the bulk of your internship’s second half working on a special project that will improve our overall marketing capability. We’ll work with you to choose the project, based on your career interests. You’ll take the project from planning to execution. When you’re done, your project will be an accomplishment you’ll proudly show future potential employers.

Your intern work will be essential to our mission

We have a 100-year mission at Center Centre – UIE: to rid the world of everything that’s poorly designed. Every day, we work with user experience professionals in every industry, helping them deliver well-designed products and services. When you join our team, your work will become an important part of our mission.

We’re a learning organization and this internship is no different. During your six months with us, you’ll learn how to manage social media publications, you’ll improve your content marketing skills, and you’ll learn all aspects of online communication production.

You’ll also learn how small organizations hire new team members. You’ll get first-hand experience training new employees. And you’ll take a project from concept through delivery, to show you’re ready to deliver great work.

With your marketing and communication help, our organization delivers on our mission. Your work is crucial for us to expand our network of UX professionals, potential students, and supporters.

Do you think you’re an ideal candidate for this position?

If you’re a recent marketing graduate, or someone with existing professional work experience who is looking to move their career path into marketing and communications, you could be perfect for this position.

Are you a tenacious learner? Do you want to build up your content marketing, social media, and email communication skills? Would you like to learn what it takes to produce online event productions? If so, we want to meet you. You could be perfect for this internship.

How the interview process works

After you send in your application, we’ll give it a solid review. If you’re someone that could fit what we’re seeking, we’ll schedule several video interviews with you. You’ll meet our team and learn more about your past marketing and communications accomplishments and comparable experience.

What we want to see

During the interviews, we’re looking specifically for these things:

  • How you have crafted persuasive copy with good grammar and an easy-to-read formatting style. Much of the internship is reviewing marketing copy that promotes our articles, blog posts, and events. (Yes, we will judge your résumé. Make sure you have someone proof it carefully.)
  • How you have created marketing posts on major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We want to see how you managed a promotional campaign.
  • How you have worked through the challenge of learning new things. We don’t expect you to know everything on the first day. Can you learn our processes and the tools we use (like Slack, Canva, Notion, Google Docs, and Adobe Suite)? Can you adapt to new processes and challenges, as we figure them out together?
  • How you have worked on highly-detailed project work. We want to see how you stay organized and track a myriad of important details. There’s a lot to this job. How will you keep it all straight?
  • How you have built up your daily and weekly routines, to ensure important regular tasks are completed in a timely fashion. This internship contains many routine tasks. Can you show your proficiency at tackling work that happens in regular intervals?
  • How you have worked independently on projects. Some of our work will require that you work on your own. We want to see evidence you’ve done this before.
  • How you have collaborated on online teamwork. Some of our work will require tight integration and collaboration with others using online communication tools. We want to see evidence you’ve done this before too.
  • How you have adapted to changing work priorities and direction in a fast-paced setting. Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out new products and services. We change and adapt quickly, often experimenting with new ideas. We’ll look for evidence that you’ve successfully worked in a changing environment before.

The more you can tell us about these things, the more you’ll be considered for this position. Don’t hold back.

This is a full-time position for six months.

This position is fully remote. Because of the lockdowns, we’re all working from our homes. We work from 8:30am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Our new intern will need to work these hours too.

We’ll begin this internship in June for six full months. The position pays for up to 40 hours each week. This is a temporary position and is not eligible for full-time benefits, such as health insurance.

We will work with you to provide you with all the equipment you need to do your job, including technical, software, and hardware needs.

You need to have US permanent residency or be a US citizen for this position. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Think this internship is the right fit for you and your career goals?

Fill out the application below. Include a PDF of your résumé. We will be in touch soon!

Have specific questions? Please give us a call Monday-Friday: 9AM-5PM at 423-805-7420 (toll-free at 1-844-805-7420) or send us a message.

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