With your help, we’re raising $180,000 to create the next generation of UX designers.
Students Ella and Glad

Give Now & Help Create the Next Generation of UX Designers

Our world needs more intentionally designed experiences, and there are not enough UX designers to meet that demand. Donate today to help bring diverse talent into the field of UX and change the world.
We’re so close to starting classes for our next cohort of students. We need your help to make this happen.

Ways You Can Help Today:

  1. Donate to the Give Forward Student Loan Fund.
  2. Help us get the word out.
  3. Have your organization match your donation, if it has a matching program.

Bronze Donation Package – Become a Supporter!

Donate $50, $25, $10, or even $1—every dollar counts—and become a Give Forward Student Loan Fund Supporter. As a Supporter, you’ll get a VIP invitation to visit Center Centre, meet our students, and find your name on the Wall of Awesomeness. You can learn about our students, and they’ll learn about you. They love meeting the people who have made their journey to becoming a UX designer possible.

Silver Donation Package – Attend a Center Centre Workshop

Donate $500 or more, and you can attend a UX workshop at Center Centre alongside our students. This is a great chance to learn from an amazing expert in our industry and see our students in action. (Maybe you’ll want to recruit them to be on your team once they’ve graduated?)

Gold Donation Package – Put Your Name On A Student’s Stipend

Donate $5,000 or more, and we’ll put your name on a student’s three-month living stipend. The Give Forward Student Loan Fund helps students cover their living expenses while attending Center Centre. We’ll introduce you to the student as the donor of the stipend, giving you a chance to get to know them and to share your personal journey to becoming a designer.

Platinum Donation Package – Bring Jared Spool to You

Donate $7500 or more, and bring Jared Spool to your company. Have Jared educate your team with one of his world-renowned entertaining presentations, and share his expertise on your hardest design leadership challenges. Jared will travel to your company, school, organization, or conference to participate in up to three consecutive hours of presentation or consulting activities. (You’ll need to cover Jared’s travel and any additional expenses. You’ll work with Jared directly to identify the best available date for his visit.)

The Give Forward Student Loan Fund

We designed the Give Forward Student Loan Fund to provide our students with humane financial assistance. With this sustainable revolving loan fund, our students can pursue their educational goals and focus on their studies at Center Centre. We work closely with the Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, who manages the fund.

The Next Generation Is Ready To Start

We have enough great candidates to start our next cohort. They are ready to become amazing designers. Center Centre is providing the loan funds for their tuition. We need your help to raise money for their living stipend loans.
Students use the living stipends to attend the full-time program without having to worry about income for their expenses. We want the students to focus solely on learning everything they need to bring a state-of-the-art design practice to their future job. Being immersed in our rigorous learning environment doesn’t leave time for students to have a job in addition to their school work.
The Give Forward Student Loan Fund allows us to reach students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. They get access to an education they wouldn’t have otherwise. For these students, living stipends are the deciding factor as to whether or not they can afford to attend Center Centre.
Every $10,000 we raise supports a new student for 6 months. $20,000 supports a student for an entire year. $40,000 supports a student for their entire Center Centre education. Every dollar counts. No donation is too small.

Your Support Helps Future Students Too

Center Centre students borrow what they need from the Give Forward Student Loan Fund. When they graduate and become an amazing designer, every loan payment they make goes back into the fund. They are using your donation to help future students also become an incredible designer. Your donation will keep funding new designers for a long time.
With your help today, our current pool of great applicants can start their education at Center Centre right away. We need your help to start our new cohort in January 2018. Make your donation and help us get started today.
Your donations ensure you’ll continue to support the development of future UX designers.
We’re thankful to Northrop Grumman, MailChimp, Capital One, and the Benwood Foundation for their ongoing support of Center Centre and the Give Forward Student Loan Fund. If you think your organization might provide us support too, please contact Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman to talk about the possibilities.

Wall of Awesomeness

Everyone who donates will have their name added to our Wall of Awesomeness.
Students in front of the Wall of Awesomeness
We look forward to proudly displaying your name as someone who supports our students and their future as designers.

Students Are so Grateful

Quotes from current students benefiting from the Give Forward Student Loan Fund:
Student Brenda Hoyle
“It’s great that once I graduate and pay off my loan, I feel good that Center Centre is not taking advantage of me… What I pay back goes to students after me. It helps them pay for their own living to be able to go to this cool school.”
Brenda Hoyle, Center Centre student
“I appreciate how the loan fund was designed. Someone actually cared that this was something we were going to struggle with. They cared and thought about it. They made sure we have a good experience with the loan. The loan process benefits us and more students down the line. This is something I remain impressed with.”
Ella Nance, Center Centre student
Student Ella Nance

Thank You for Changing the Experience

No matter the size, your donation goes a long way to empower and enable the next generation of incredible UX designers.